On Medium This Week (so far)

Here’s what I wrote on Medium when I wasn’t here:

This is the Beginning of Writing About Me

– wherein I state for probably the hundredth time online that yes, I am indeed ready to write about my life on the internet, even though the thought of it still makes me feel pukey.

It’s the Freelance Life for Me

– wherein I write about how I’m never going to have a boss again, even though I am not sure how exactly I am going to accomplish that, yet.

Burn Me

– a sexy little Haiku I submitted to a new publication of Haiku poets that was gracious enough to accept me to their ranks.

I’m all over the place these days, but if I remember, I am going to post my Medium links here so throughout the week so it kind of sort of maybe feels like I am real blogger somewhere. 

If you’re kind enough to take a gander and click, please be sure to give me some claps on the article, or share them on social media if you enjoyed them!


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