i will walk barefoot in winter

Photo by ME! - Cheney Meaghan

we are
getting closer
to that time of year
it won’t be appropriate
for me to come to you
for comfort

if i do
people will be apt to stare
and maybe even call the police
if my coat looks too heavy
if they think i’m carrying rocks
and not sea glass

but for now
i’ll still go
i won’t make eye contact
with the normal boardwalk strollers
as i kick of my shoes and socks
and step down into the sand

because i just don’t care
what you think anymore

i will walk barefoot
in winter
past the gates suggesting
i keep out
but i won’t keep out
i have never been one
to heed signs or suggestions

because i don’t care anymore
and i know sometimes i need
the sting of broken shells
and rocks and glass and the unlucky
fish hook in my heel
and obviously i need the sting
of the water in the winter

but shh, listen, i’ll tell you
one of my favorite little secrets
to the water, it isn’t winter yet
the water holds in its sun sparkle
the remaining warmth of the months
it was bathed in starfire

i don’t care anymore
i’ll walk barefoot
into the water in winter

it’s only December now
we have
such a long ways to go


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