Unplugging and it feels so good

About two weeks ago I was moving around and deleting some apps on my phone and I accidentally deleted the Facebook app, and I was like, meh, and didn’t immediately download it again.

Days went by, and I completely forgot that I was missing it on my phone until I logged in on my laptop and saw all these notifications that I’d missed, and I was like, UGH.

Because that’s what happens whenever I go on Facebook – I start scrolling through this endless shit feed and think UGH, and then UGH, and more UGH, because nothing on Facebook is positive anymore.

I’ve tried unfollowing hundreds of people, pages, and groups. I’ve tried just ignoring it. I’ve tried blocking people and all that – but it just keeps coming back to bring me down.

But, it’s a tool sometimes.

There are groups I am in that I appreciate.

I do, every once in a while, want to be able to go to someone’s page and see what’s up.

I just don’t want to get sucked in anymore.

So I thought… there must be an app for that.

And, viola!

Behold, the News Feed Eradicator plugin for Chrome! (You can also search for it in the Chrome extension store.)

Instead of seeing your newsfeed, you see a random quote, and can also add your own quotes that will randomly assault you instead of the constant feed of shit.

I think it’s pretty amazing, and this definitely isn’t sponsored (though I wish it could be, heh) it’s just made my life better in the last couple of weeks and I wanted to share it with y’all.

You can still see all of your notifications on the top, all your group and page activity and all that on the sidebar, and you can post to your own page or profile right from the top like always, so if you want to engage, you can.

But if you’re like me and you’d rather just hide from everyone and everything – install it.

Delete Facebook from your phone (and maybe FB Messenger, too, cause it’s been freaking me out lately by how much it KNOWS ME and everything I am doing, UGH), and then install this awesome app, and be free, be FREEEEEE from the Facebook feed of shit.

You’re welcome 🙂


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