Photo by Jen Palmer on Unsplash

my memories of you are lace
hazy and tinted with that remembrance shade of blue
you’re always in focus but never in the frame

your back walking away, and middle fingers frame
these memories, but I can still sometimes feel our fingers lace
together under September skies that were that perfect blue

your eyes were not blue
we didn’t fit well together in a frame
I’ll never stand next to you in a white dress of lace

but these lace memories of us under blue skies are still sometimes the only thing keeping up my fragile frame

This week I took up the Tritina challenge using a handy prompt from Asha. Writing more poetry is something I’ve wanted to do lately but haven’t been doing it very consistently. Thanks to Yeah Write, I hope that changes.

Photo by: unsplash-logoJen Palmer


31 thoughts on “lace”

  1. I love the vivid descriptions in the memories and the subtle ways in which you express things didn’t work out. It’s bittersweet. Also, on a slightly different note, I feel like I need to try out a Tritina sometime…you’ve all written such amazing pieces using it.

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  2. I’m so delighted with how you used the prompt words! Well done. You wrote a lilting, poignant tritina that I connected with immediately. Those unrequited loves are often just out of frame, aren’t they? I’m so glad you entered the grids this week. I hope this is a precursor of more to come in the new year!

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  3. I really liked the last line of this. This is what I don’t tritina – I can’t find a way to connect it all together. I love the delicate, fragile nature of the final sentence.

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      1. Please call me Nate, James is my surname. YeahWrite will host it. The lessons will come via email; the optional workshopping will be done on facebook, I think. Maybe on the grids. Haven’t hammered that out yet.

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  4. I loved nearly all of this! The last sentence, though, “keeping” has such a harsh “k” sound for a poem so ethereal — maybe, “holding” instead? I could be off my rocker, though…


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