One treat after another

Between today and yesterday I feel like I’ve had enough bad luck that I’m actually wondering if it’s karma coming for me. What did I do to deserve this kind of bullshit.

First it was my car. Then it was a client website breaking and panic ensuing.

Today it was bad luck that my landlords don’t take good care of their vacant upstairs apartment, plus bad luck that I keep Elise’s door shut for the two days she’s at her dads to conserve the money I’m burning, oops, I mean heat…

So Elise came home and promptly started freaking out and crying over this special treat:

A pipe burst in the upstairs apartment and for a day or so was leaking water into her room. And I didn’t know. Cause it’s not in my lease to check every room for leaks on a daily basis.

It’s the third and I’m already done with this year.


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