my magical sleeping pill

Photo by Jordan Bauer on Unsplash

If I could, I would funnel all of my creative time into a more manageable area, like between 9am and midnight, and not suddenly perk up and feel like writing an hour or two before I need to try to go to sleep.

If I could, I would sleep every day from 2am to 10am, a healthy eight hour chunk, but I know how hard it is to do that because a number of things tend to happen:

  • you wake up feeling guilty like you’ve already missed half the day even though you did it on purpose because it’s what feels natural to your body
  • you “peak” at about 7pm when it comes to energy and willingness to do things, but then, you’re kind of tired from already doing a lot of things, but that’s okay because you’re an introvert and you don’t want to go out much anyway
  • someone gives you a really hard time about being a lazy ass, getting up at 10am every day, even though it’s what makes your body feel good and 2am is when sleep comes naturally
  • 2am is when sleep comes naturally, which means you’ve only been getting between 5-6.5 hours of sleep a night for about the last twelve years

And when I say you, I mean me, this is what happens to me, this is my life.

I do my best to get in bed by midnight to get out of bed by eight, but whether I just fail or don’t even try, when 1:30am approaches and I sigh and think, ugh, you have to go to bed now, it still doesn’t happen.

The best mornings are always the mornings when I get to wake up without an alarm, and guess what time that usually is? Right around ten.

Oh, sleep.

It’s been such a pain in my ass for the last couple of decades (ZOMGI’MGETTINGOLD) I think a lot about how cool it would be if humans only needed, like, an hour of sleep a night.

Imagine how nice it would be if we could take our magical sleeping pill, crawl into bed, fall easily asleep, and wake up an hour later feeling like we’d gotten an entire good night.

Oh, wait. That happens sometimes and I actually hate it, but that’s without all the extra time.


Would you take the magical one hour sleeping pill with me?


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