Moving has its pains

The pains are particularly in my back and shoulders from lifting things, and in my nasty knees from going up and down so many stairs every day.

It sucks, but I keep making progress, day by day, more and more goes into boxes or garbage bags – PURGE!!! – or sorted into donate and try to sell piles.

Generally this would be my time to browse the blogs and write my own, but I’m so pooped from today, all I wanted to do was sit on my bum and do something brainless.

Watch TV, obviously, but I hate idle hands, so I picked up my crocheting project for the first time since it got cold outside.

I never crochet in the summer – it’s just too hot to have a forming blanket on your lap, but in the winter it’s my favorite way to entertain myself while also vegging out and relaxing. Productively. Heh.


1 thought on “Moving has its pains”

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