Two More Years

Photo by Josh Edgoose on Unsplash

two more years, 
I think,
until I won’t 
get offended
on Twitter

or into fights
with “friends”

until I can
turn on the news
and not want to cry
it’s safe to pick up
a newspaper
without worrying
I’ll rip it to shreds

two more years,
I think,
we can get
through this
the days are long
but the years are short

and maybe
they will be
even shorter

we can only

remember hope?
remember change?

who’s laughing now,


in my dreams you follow me
and I can’t get away from you
even when I try

like last night,
there you were when I turned my head
beckoning me into your car

and I am hopeless to resist you,
every single time I give in and then
wake up thanking god

this isn’t real, you are gone
this is just a dream you find me in
when I try so hard to wish you away

I thought I’d always love you
always want you whether in dreams
or in my arms

but hindsight is everything –
I would have ran from you long ago
if I’d known how you would haunt me