No Loopholes

There’s no loophole here.
You either do it
or you don’t.


Moving has its pains

The pains are particularly in my back and shoulders from lifting things, and in my nasty knees from going up and down so many stairs every day.

It sucks, but I keep making progress, day by day, more and more goes into boxes or garbage bags – PURGE!!! – or sorted into donate and try to sell piles.

Generally this would be my time to browse the blogs and write my own, but I’m so pooped from today, all I wanted to do was sit on my bum and do something brainless.

Watch TV, obviously, but I hate idle hands, so I picked up my crocheting project for the first time since it got cold outside.

I never crochet in the summer – it’s just too hot to have a forming blanket on your lap, but in the winter it’s my favorite way to entertain myself while also vegging out and relaxing. Productively. Heh.


Static is my butt on this couch, laptop open on my lap, TV blah blah blahing away, and then I nod off, and jerk awake, and nod off, and jerk awake, and then decide that today is going to be the first day of the year that I punk out of a real post because I have too much last minute laziness going on, and need sleep more than anything else.

This is fine.

The Anniversary

The twelfth of January is always a rough day for me, a day that evokes a melancholy that I can’t shake after, well, decades.

I was snappish and quick, and mean to Elise.

I threw out bag after bag of PURGE from my basement – things I haven’t touched or barely touched in the year that I’ve been here, they’re going, they’re gone.

I wandered around my apartment staring at things and wondering what to do next, in literal and existential ways.

I wished for this day to be over, basically from the moment I woke up, so I’m going to put a new book on my Kindle (the one I borrowed last is just too depressing) and be thankful that this 1/12 came and went without a tear.