I have a wacky but good idea.


It’s day two and I ask myself for a minute or two what exactly I’m doing here, what am I writing about, why did I choose this genre and this idea?

Well, because it will be fun, I tell myself.

There will probably be a meme about that in here somewhere later on.

But really, the idea I have I think is good – wacky, yes, but good.

I didn’t catch up today, but I got close, and that’s okay.

Sometimes life is hard and this was a hard day, a hard morning, and I didn’t get to writing until later in the evening when I was already mostly out of steam.

Tomorrow I plan to get up early and get to work, and when I say early, I mean like 7:15 ish. Maybe 7:30. We’ll see.

How’s your NaNoWriMo progress?