As of Sunday, November 26th, 2017

I am 35 years old and struggling desperately with establishing for myself what I want to do for the rest of my life.

It’s a complicated process because it heavily involves balancing what I want to do with what I am good at doing. I think most people these days just want to make money, but I don’t want to make money so much as I want to make pretty pictures every now and then, and write a lot of pretty words, and be compensated for my time and energy in doing that.

I’ve been writing a lot here on my blog
I try to post at least twice weekly on Medium
I signed up for a paid freelance writing course that I’m zooming through
I’m thinking a lot about which writing niches to start with
I’m slowly getting my professional writing website up and running
I’m preparing myself to tell some clients that I’m not going to do design work for them anymore because it really stresses me out and frankly I don’t want to anymore
I’m trying to dedicate time to making more printables for my Etsy shop that no one really knows about yet because I don’t have enough products on it yet to be excited to share it.

This is inspired by Derek Sivers’ Now Page: