born for this

I’m born from secrets and lies and scandal but I was born into love, into the green house on the hill that I will always call home, into the arms of my grandfather – the only man I’ll ever trust.

I was born from freedom and free cocktails and dancing ’til practically lifeless in New York City, I was born to use this body better than I am, I was born to do more than just quietly walk the Earth, I was born to move these hands and scream.

And now I think I was born for you, for laying in your arms in the gray morning light in the same house I still call home, where I breathe in your kisses and wonder what we were made for, if we were born for this.

This was written for Tri-Writing with Maya Stein, 3 lines for 21 days. The prompt was: “In 3 lines, write about where you’re from (geographically or otherwise).”

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash