Very High

It’s a very high degree.

I’m really appreciating this daily poem challenge I’m forcing myself to do. Here I am, almost ten, not so inspired, but I love haiku-play, and I find (so far) that I can always find time for it.


Cause I Love You

For a poem a day, I’ve been using these prompts. They’re great for getting me to stay accountable to creativity. There’s practically no excuse not to find time for a few words a day, if not so many more.



not like a question
never a polite request, and
no more sweet milky whispers
that tantalized, not terrorized the ears


like a hammer
like your voice is a hammer
and I am your nail, every hit
harder than the last one,
the percussive jolt through
the drums inside me –
my ears are crying blood tears


it’s too much sometimes, baby,
you know, after a while
(like a decade)
it actually starts to hurt
to realize that even if I listen well,
I’m still never enough


Written for the Daily Post – thanks for the inspiration, WordPress!