Oh, Oh, Oprah

I watched a bunch of crap news on YouTube this morning, something I usually only do on the one or two days Elise is gone with her dad. Finally, the ‘Tube decided to give me something other than Trump commentary, and suddenly my living room was filled with the sounds of clapping and cheers and I looked up to see Oprah making her way to the Golden Globes stage for her award acceptance speech.

If you haven’t seen her speech yet, you should take a moment: https://youtu.be/fN5HV79_8B8

Now, like I said, I had spent the morning watching crappy news by choice, and more than a few people have been talking about Oprah making a run for president in 2020, and as much as my heart fills with glee over most things Oprah, I just don’t know.

She’s an incredible woman with a brilliant mind, truly self-made, unlike some orange mo-fos, and I would love to see Oprah get whatever she wants for all the lives she’s changed (yes, even if she’s a bitch to work with as I’ve heard), but look.

But just look.

Look what happens when someone with no political background gets elected president?

Really bad things happen.

I would love to see a black woman elected president someday, that’d be cool.

I’d love to see Oprah achieve the lifelong weight loss we all know she desperately wants, that would be cool to see, too, right?

But I don’t want to see her our next president just because I think she’s an awesome person – and I really don’t think anyone else should, either.

There’s been a radical shift in my thinking this past year, entirely attributed to educating myself more and more about the way the world actually works, and it makes me really nervous about our future. Not just America’s future, the Earth’s future.

Oprah said something in her speech that rang very true to me because it’s something that I think of all the time and agree with, but I’m often too scared and quiet to say:

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.

Oh, I know, Oprah. And I really want to find my way to make you proud.

But not the president.