Bad Poetry

there are some things I
shouldn’t have committed to,
and yes, this is one

60/365 – A Poem a Day For a Year

60 days in and I’m pretty disappointed in myself so far for mostly “copping out” in my own opinion with so many haikus and tankas, so, I’m going to try to do better.


There was a day
it was too hot
to go to the beach
but we went anyway,
do you remember?

Do you remember
sweating it out on
a thin sheet in the sand,
getting burnt to a crisp
with our arms
around each other,
kissing despite the crowd?

It was too hot
to even walk on the sand
but I got you into the water
and you lifted me up, effortless,
weightless in your arms,
you held me close
and spun me around
and kissed me,
and in that moment
it all felt like forever.

19 / 365 – A Poem A Day For a Year