Too Much, Not Enough

I miss, you know
in the way that
I always want to be with you
or at least
be with you more,
spend more days together,
definitely more nights.

I miss you in this
gentle, quiet way.
Not desperately, not
so much that I will
whine and beg for you, but
there’s a girl inside my heart
who would beg for you,
and I’ve always
been scared of her.

I’ve always been scared
to be that small, needy girl
who’s always asking
for too much time,
too many kisses,
too much love.
I’ve always been
too much or not enough.

And even now,
when I finally have
a love I can believe in,
I worry:
Is this too much,
or not enough?

Maybe it’s
quality over quantity –
that’s what I tell myself.
They may be brief,
but our days are filled
with an amazing love
and how could that
be too much?
How could it not
be enough?

5/365 – A Poem a Day For a Year