Joy Fuels Resilience


I came across this quote today and it hit me hard, the truth of it.

To do something like NaNoWriMo, to commit to writing a book in a month, or something you are maybe able to call a coherent first draft, is not something you do unless it brings you some joy, right?

Otherwise, I think you would be a little bit crazy.

I know I am going to have more days this month when I can’t or don’t write my daily word count goal, so therefore I also know that if I want to finish in time, I am going to have to really work hard and hustle some days to catch up and keep up.

But that’s okay, because the act of writing fiction really does bring me joy.

Why don’t I do it more often?

I mean, besides erotica, which is my business, why don’t I write more fiction to make myself happy, whether I think the stories are any good or not?

There’s joy in it, and I forget that in the months that aren’t November, April, and July, when NaNoWriMo holds their events.

I have to remember, when it’s harder to write, when I am feeling down and like I suck and nothing I write is worth anyone’s time reading – I have to remember that regardless of any of that, the act of writing still brings me joy.

To sit down at a computer and write, to make things up as I go along, there’s nothing I’d rather do with my life or my time.

Why don’t I do more of what brings me joy?

What is it that is holding myself back?