This Body Right Now

I don’t notice the space
my body takes
until I look down,
down to the
mounds of my breasts
and hills of
my stomach and
lean over to see my feet
and wonder:
how does anyone love this?

But I love this.
I love this body,
I love this
rather perfect skin i’m in.
I love each limb
and the way they move,
and my freckles and
the way my hair falls.

I love laying down
and snapping photos
of this naked body
and sharing them
to love and praise –
and I don’t care
how many
eyebrows I raise.

I don’t want to hide anymore,
don’t want to keep
myself locked inside anymore,
don’t want to apologize anymore,
don’t want to wake up
hating the reflection anymore.

Years of hate have
taken their toll,
I see the scars in every
dip and roll and wrinkle but
there are still stars in my eyes
and a smile that comes
out to play every day,
so, okay.

I’ll keep looking down.
I’ll keep looking…

6/365 – A Poem a Day For a Year