A Bit On Being Consistent


I want to post here every day of NaNoWriMo, if nothing else to log my progress and remind myself what it’s like to write a book.

Do you know, I stumbled across the manuscript I got 20K words into last NaNoWriMo and I had completely forgotten that I had written a single word of it.

None of it registered with me.

It was like it was written by someone else, and when I started reading through it I thought even more it was written by someone else because I couldn’t possibly write this well in some parts, could I?

Anyway, I am still not caught up, per se. I only wrote 1409 words (so far) today and I’m at a total of 4289 when I should be at 5000 by the end of today.

I keep telling myself, it’s okay, I’ll catch up tomorrow, but I probably won’t catch up tomorrow because I have plans with a friend and likely won’t get much if any writing done before I see her, which only leaves the evening if I don’t go out with my daughter.

But this is NaNoWriMo time. This is the time, if there ever was a time, to write consistently as Tony Robbins says we do, anything, consistently.

He might be a tool, but he’s right a lot of the time, you know.

So, remembering to post on WordPress when I haven’t had a proper WordPress blog in years is hard to do… but I have to do it consistently, and then it will become a habit, and habits are another thing that happen to change and shape our lives.